Mini Combi 3,6kW NS Premium Fiber Coated



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Mini Combi is combination of heater and steamer with scent basins. It allows user to choose from normal sauna to steam sauna. Unique design of the heating elements makes water tank cleaning easy. Mini Combi models come with Innova Stainless Steel Touch Control and Combi Power Controller.

Recommended sauna room size: 3-6 m³

Control type: Innova Stainless Steel Touch Control + Power Controller (Combi) (Included)
Stone weight (kg): 8-10.5 (Sauna stones not included)
Total power consumption: 3.6 kW
Heating Element amount and kW: 2 x 1,8 1 x 1,0
Supply voltage: 230V 1N~ /
400V 2N~
Wire size (mm): 8 x 1,5
Breaker amperage (A): 

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 250 × 330 × 500 cm